Asheville Rising!

15 Feb

Last night the YWCA hosted Asheville Rising!, one of the One Billion Rising events that happened across the globe yesterday to protest violence against women and girls. Over 200 people gathered for dance, music, and poetry.
asheville rising 077

The evening began with a welcome from Executive Director Beth Maczka:

Welcome to a place where children learn and grow and laugh and play and eat a
rainbow of vegetables.

Welcome to a place where teenage mothers are empowered and encouraged to
be scholars and teachers for their children.

Welcome to a place where people of every race, sexual orientation, gender
identity and level of fitness can sweat out their day’s stress.

Welcome to a place where warm solar-heated waters sooth tired bones and
comfort babies in swim classes.

Welcome to a place where women – all women – can lay down their burdens and
lift up their dreams.

Welcome to the YWCA of Asheville.

We are proud to be co-sponsoring this amazing event tonight.

Special thanks to Catherine Ball and Byron Ballard for their leadership and to
everyone on the committee.

And thank you to all of our nonprofit partners and sisters who work with us to heal wounds, empower the women of our community and advocate for systemic change for women’s equality. This is a truly a community effort and a community partnership.

asheville rising 061
The Asheville Rising! program included:

o   Thanks to YWCA: Catherine Ball

o   Intention Setting/Remarks: Ymani & Byron

o   Annelinde Metzner: Poem

o   OBR dance “Break the Chains”

o   Anne Heck: Poem

o   Jenny Lumb: Nia

o   Jonathan Santos: Song

o   Byron Ballard/Antiga: Song

o   Nuit Moore: Dance

o   Byron/Catherine: Eve’s poem

o   Coco Palmer: Dance

o   Sherri: Remarks

o   Nadirah Rahman: African Dance

o   Toning and Closing with Asheville Sound Collective
asheville rising 163Also at the event, community partners including Our Voice, WNCAP, and NOW shared information. At the end of the night, participants were invited to stay involved through the Asheville Rising Facebook group with the plans for doing something for International Women’s Day on March 8.

It was a powerful event, as you can tell from this video of the “Breaking the Chain” dance which was choreographed by Debbie Allen: 

To see more photos of the event, click here.

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