Championship Divers Practice at the YWCA!

12 Mar

Update from YWCA Director of Aquatics Tonna Davis:

The Dive Teams from Asheville High, Reynolds, T.C. Roberson, West Henderson, and Franklin High all use the YWCA’s solar-heated pool to practice and prepare for diving competitions, as well as hold several meets here during the season. So we feel a sense of pride about the following results from the 3A State Diving Championship.

Out of 10 Finalists in the Women’s 1 Meter Springboard Division, 5 were from the group that practices at the YWCA:
3rd-JR Danielle Brown from Franklin High
4th-FR Taylor Combs From Franklin High
5th-SR Storey Stradler from Asheville High
8th-FR Haley Garrett from Franklin High
9th-FR Aliyah Stahl from Franklin High
DSC_0301 (800x571)

Out of 11 Finalists in the Men’s1 Meter Springboard Division, 6 were from the group that practices at the YWCA:
1st-SR Lee Fullam from West Henderson High
3rd-SR Joseph Manzi from West Henderson High
6th-SR Anthony Randall from Franklin High
8th-FR Ethan Volk from Franklin High
10th-JR Hayden Volk from Franklin High
11th-FR Blake Raymond from Franklin High

4A Women’s 1 meter diving finals:
Out of 22 Finalists
13th-JR Megan Cypcar from T.C. Roberson High

Congratulations to these divers!

Pictured: Storey Stradler from Asheville High who finished 5th in the state meet.

DSC_0303 (800x568)

Diving Fun Facts:

Did you know that action movie super star Jason Statham was a member of Great Britain’s National Diving Squad for 12 years, and placed 12th in the World Championships in 1992?

Also, Good Morning America Anchor Lara Spencer graduated from Penn State University with an Athletic Scholorship for springboard and platform diving, and was an “All American” in her sport in 1991.

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