Child Care Playground Work Day + Send Off for a Treasured Employee

18 Jun

The YWCA is very proud of our Child Care Center Preyer Family Natural Learning Playground. We are one of only three centers in North Carolina chosen to receive a NC State Natural Learning Playground grant. YWCA Child Care Teacher Jonathan Dudley was part of the group of Child Care staff who went to meetings to help design the playground, using the Preventing Obesity by Design (POD) model. He has also worked with parents and volunteers to bring the new playground to reality. ywca child care playground

Here is what Director of Child Care Wanda Harris has to say about Jonathan, “Jonathan has been such a resource for the Child Care Center. Hejonathan dudley has been a part of the POD process from the beginning. Now I am a lover of initiative, and Jonathan has contributed his initiative and much much more for our project. He has followed the re-design through to completion. In addition, he has been a part of training the teachers, making sure that each class has age-appropriate activities for the playground. He has given numerous workshops and talks to the staff and outside parties about the playground as well as training the NC licensing consultant teams. Jonathan has established a great rapport with NC Licensing consultants – if he is not calling them, they are calling him and making visits to keep an interested eye on the creations Jonathan has added to our playground. Our staff are so pleased that we put Jonathan’s name on our playground! He has truly put his blood, sweat and tears into this project. We really cherish the natural wonderland that he has created for our children to explore.”

Jonathan will be leaving the YWCA soon. As as send off for him, there will be a POD work day on the playground this Saturday. Please join us! Details below.child care playground smiles

YWCA Child Care Playground Work Day 
Saturday, June 22
8:30 am to 12:00 pm

Projects will include:
*Top off the sand areas with fresh sand.
*Replace some of willow along the I/T path
*Plant witch alder plant by the I/T art deck
*Put a tarp bottom in the storage bench
*Replace pots/pans/buckets on the acoustic fence
*Add mulch to I/T slide
*Move mulch to the NW side of the PS climber
*Move extra dirt that has accumulated by the shed to the PS planters
*Also I have a number of plants at home that I’d love to add to the play grounds.
*Finish the I/T arbor
*Install new sand box covers, shade sale, and bench glider

Call 254-7206 x 109 with questions.

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