Get Inspired! Vickie Lester’s Story – by Pamela White Wolsey

17 Jun
Pamela White Wolsey, Membership Coordinator

Pamela White Wolsey, Membership Coordinator

As many of you may know, I spent several months getting to know members while working at the YWCA’s Guest Services prior to my new position as Membership Coordinator. It was during this time that I became motivated by many of the devoted folks who work out here day after day, and moved by their incredible stories. The amount of discipline and dedication  that exists within this building  in regard to developing (and sticking with) exercise routines and incorporating a healthy diet have allowed for individuals to  manage stressful situations at home, live with chronic conditions, and even heal after heartbreak.

Club W and Aquatics are the best places to work through whatever ails you, and our members and employees are living proof.  Because of this, it is an honor to share their stories not only to motivate you, but to celebrate their accomplishments.

006The first success story that I would like to share is about Vickie Lester.  Vickie came to the YWCA after she lost 130 lbs. While some of you may wonder why Vickie came here after accomplishing such an incredible goal on her own, she was determined not to gain the weight back and wanted to pay more attention to her overall health. So she enrolled in the Diabetes Wellness and Prevention program, and has now maintained her weight and healthy lifestyle for 6 ½ years!

If you are here in the mornings, you will most definitely see Vickie working out. Some days she is with her trainer, Charley Cox, and a group of hardworking ladies—that I like to call Charley’s Angels—consisting of Grace, Diane, Mildred and her sister Wendy sweating it out in the gym, running up the hallways, and circling the parking lot. Other days she is in here on her own, busting out the workouts, never giving up, and always smiling.   It is hard not to be touched when seeing her give everything she has to these workouts.

Not only am I moved by Vickie, but she also motivates her trainer Charley by the way she takes her health and wellness so seriously. Charley states, “Vickie is very inspiring because through her journey she has discovered not only how to motivate herself, but others around her.”  Vickie says that it is her health and her granddaughter that keep her motivated and that the most difficult part of this experience has been staying focused, but she has encouraged her sister to join her on these workouts and the two of them together are a pretty incredible team.???????????????????????????????

For others interested in weight loss, diabetes managem ent, and maintaining a healthy weight, Vickie suggests, “Just stay with it and do not give up! It takes time and faith.”  Vickie is proof that hard work and patience pays off. Please join me in congratulating this incredible woman for motivating us all.

Pamela White Wolsey is the YWCA’s Membership Coordinator. Contact her at, or at 828-254-7206 x.105. 

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