Nuanna’s Story

2 Sep

017Nuanna Horn grew up as part of a commune that traveled frequently. But when she became pregnant with twins at the age of 14 her mother sent her to Asheville to live with her grandmother; she has now been in North Carolina for 26 years.

A cervical and skin cancer survivor, Nuanna continues to struggle with several health issues, including thyroid problems, arthritis, and hypoglycemia, and twice had gestational diabetes. She wanted to exercise more, but as a single parent she couldn’t afford a gym membership.

Nuanna’s health outlook started to brighten when she joined the YWCA’s Diabetes Wellness & Prevention program, which serves those at risk of or living with diabetes to prevent, manage and live with the condition. Participants learn healthy eating habits at support groups, exercise with a trainer in our Club W Health & Fitness Center, and learn about diabetes management from health professionals.

Nuanna says of the program: “I appreciate that in the program I have someone to keep me on course and to suggest new things. I especially like the peer support group – it’s highly motivational. We discuss topics like time management and exercise, sleep issues, and understanding cravings.”

Nuanna finds that this nurturing environment goes beyond the confines of the Diabetes Wellness & Prevention Program – “I like the environment at the YWCA – it’s supportive of everybody and every type of person. There’s a feeling of acceptance that you don’t find in a lot of gyms.”

Nuanna has lost 27 pounds since joining the program, and has high hopes for what she would like to accomplish before the year is through:

“My goal is to match the weight I’ve lost so far, if not exceed it. I want to build endurance. When I first started the Diabetes Wellness & Prevention program I couldn’t do 10 minutes on the tread mill at the lowest setting; now I can do an hour on a much higher setting.”

Nuanna adds: “I’d like to potentially go into the mentor program. After everything I’ve gone through I could be a good motivator or support and an inspiration for other participants.”

Interested in volunteering with the YW’s Diabetes Wellness & Prevention program? Contact our volunteer coordinator, Gerry Leonard, at We’re always looking for guest speakers on topics related to health management for support group meetings or monthly dinner lectures.


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  1. Beth Maczka September 2, 2014 at 9:44 pm #

    Love this!

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