Encouragement as Empowerment

19 Sep

001Pauline Cheek has been a YWCA Club W member for the past 5 years, and can often be seen power walking on the treadmill.

Mrs. Cheek is 80 years-old, and even though she has stage 4 lymphoma, says: “I want to live as fully as possible.” Her Club W routine is part of that goal for herself.

Mrs. Cheek has always enjoyed the outdoors and walking, but transitioned to indoor exercise at Club W because she finds that it’s not only safer, but allows her to have a rich social life around “upbeat people.”

She recently came on an Empower Hour tour, which inspired her to want to start volunteering her time in the Child Care. The tour also allowed Mrs. Cheek to put names and stories behind the many faces she sees around the building. She says: “I’m an advocate for the YW, and have a big appreciation for the YW as a force for good in the community. Everybody who works here is engaged in something worthwhile, and that’s important.”

Mrs. Cheek, who attended a Quaker seminary, says: “to me, the most important Christian value is courage, which is part of encouragement. The encouragement people receive at the YW is central to its mission of empowerment.”

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