Ronnie’s Story

5 Nov

November is National Diabetes Month! In order to help raise awareness about diabetes we’ll share some stories from our Diabetes Wellness & Prevention program through November.???????????????????????????????

Ronnie Parks, 56, is a disabled veteran who works part time in janitorial services at the VA.   When he joined the program in August, 2013 Ronnie had been managing Type 2 Diabetes for 18 years, and his A1C was at 7.6%.

Ronnie had been making changes to eat healthier for some time, cutting out fattier meats and following a vegetarian diet. He decided to join our program because he knew he needed to shed some of weight that he had gained in order to improve his blood sugars and his overall health. He has had knee issues in the past, but started working out with the guidance of his fitness trainer, Sean, and has loved being in the gym since day one.

Now Ronnie is one of our most motivated participants, diligently coming for workouts on his days off and after his workday. Ronnie inspires all members of the gym with his commitment. Thanks to his hard work, Ronnie’s A1C came down to 5.7% after he had been in the program for 5 months — and is now stabilized at 6%. He has lost about 40 pounds. He recently shared his experiences in a panel discussion during one of the Diabetes Wellness & Prevention dinner lectures for participants, helping to motivate his fellow program participants towards their own personal health goals.

The Diabetes Wellness and Prevention Program provides personal training, group support, cooking classes and a gym membership to 140 people per year for as low as $15 per month. The program is made possible with support from Mission Health System’s Community Health and Benefit, the United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, and the Minority Health Equity Project. For more information or to join, call Katie Souris at 828-254-7206 ext. 212.

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