YW Volunteer Spotlight: Katie Foley

14 Nov

Katie FoleyBy Gerry Leonard, Volunteer Coordinator

Katie Foley moved to Asheville only planning to be here for a year, but then her career path changed: a new-found focus on women’s health and women’s rights. She’s a firm believer in the idea that “a world that is good for women is good for everyone.” For Katie, having her daily work align with her personal values is really important to her.

She currently works at Mission Hospital in the emergency room, collecting information from patients. Even surrounded by heavy emotional situations, she still finds that there is a lot of room for personal growth. Katie is also in the Nursing Program at Biltmore Park. It’s an accelerated program, which she hopes to incorporate in both her medical and advocacy work.

Katie has been volunteering with the YWCA’s MotherLove program for about a month. She was first drawn to the MotherLove program because it lines up with so many of her interests, personally and professionally. Katie says: “I wanted to be involved in a program that supports the needs of parenting and pregnant teens.”

The volunteer moment that stands out for Katie at this point in her experience was the Domestic Violence Vigil at A-B Tech, which took place in late October. Katie says, “it was the first time I was able to interact with the community through MotherLove. It was really encouraging to see the kind of support that came out of the community. It was eye-opening to see that people want to fix, people want to help, and people want to change.”

Katie hopes that through volunteering with MotherLove, she can “learn to interact with people, how to use resources, how to connect with people, and gauge what the community needs most.”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the YWCA of Asheville, visit www.ywcaofasheville.org/volunteer.

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