Finding Strength and Balance at the YW

4 Dec

meg picMeghan Mulhearn has been a Club W Member since 2010, and a musician for a majority of her life.

A native of Rockville, MD and the Outer Banks, Meghan attended Appalachian State and moved to Asheville in 2002. She’s been a violinist since she was 7 years-old, and played in symphonies – until making a switch to playing her own music in 2003.

She now performs and records with a wide range of musical projects including  U.S. Christmas, and Judas Horse.  An accomplished studio musician, she is also a guest musician on numerous albums spanning many genres. Since the release of Oblivion Songs in early 2014, Meghan’s solo work as Divine Circles has earned critical praise, described as “a beautiful collection of intimate and experimental songcraft filtered through the Appalachian dusk.”

When Meghan joined the YW’s Club W she was looking for a place that was relaxed. At Club W, Meghan is a fan of the kettle bells, Tai Chi, the pool, and uses a 5K app on her phone. She also enjoys the old-school fun of the rowing machine, which “feels like a kids toy but is still a good workout.” What adds to the fun is the laid-back atmosphere at Club W. “It’s all ages and all kinds of people, hanging out and getting healthy. Everyone gets along – it feels good to go there.”

Meghan’s fitness focus is on her strength. As a musician, she’s realized how physical her job is, and is intentional about integrating body awareness into her musical practice. This includes breathing, stretching, and feeling balanced. Meghan says: “I’ve always been strong, and I’m now realizing there’s subtlety and balance in the strength. When I do exercise it becomes apparent in my music.”

An added benefit is that even when Meghan is touring she knows that her money is a donation that helps support the YW’s programs. “It’s something I feel like I should be putting my money towards. All the goals of the YW are in line with how I feel – working on the Board of Girls Rock Asheville, being a female musician – they all work together with the YW’s mission of empowering women. No other gym is going to offer that.”

She adds: “This community is really supportive of what I do. I like to give back.”


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