“You Inspire Me”: Three Generations at the YWCA’s Club W

20 Jan
Alex, Phyllis, and Cathy

Alex, Phyllis, and Cathy – 3 generations of Club W members!

Alex Mitchell, Cathy Nielson, and Phyllis Strupp have a special multi-generational tradition: staying healthy at the YWCA’s Club W Health & Fitness Center!

Alex moved to Asheville to attend UNC-Asheville in 2003, where she majored in Health & Wellness. In 2007 Cathy retired from her UNC faculty position teaching occupational therapy, and moved with her husband to Asheville – followed 4 years later by her mother, Phyllis.

Now, Alex is the Child Nutrition Coordinator with the YW – she manages the Rainbow In My Tummy kitchen, which makes the meals for Child Care, School Age, and Drop-In; she keeps records for federal food reimbursement; and she leads nutrition education activities for the children.

Cathy says: “This is the fourth gym I’ve tried in Asheville, and I would never go anywhere else now. It just took me awhile to land here! I like the nonprofit environment, and the diversity of age, gender, and ability level. There’s more racial and ethnic diversity than anywhere else in Asheville. It’s very comfortable.”

Phyllis, who is now 91 and only gave up playing tennis 10 years ago, is a SilverSneakers member. Cathy attends early morning spin class twice per week and also works out in the gym. Alex joins her mom in spin once a week, and can also be seen running on the treadmill.

Alex says: “I love it because I see them all the time. It’s nice to watch grandma exercising in the multi-purpose room through the kitchen window.”

Phyllis adds: “And we get to smell what she’s cooking!”

Cathy says: “My mom took up tennis in her 50s, and now she’s the best SilverSneakers member! Alex took up running 5 years ago, and now she’s run in 4 half marathons. I’m here in the middle trying to keep up!”

Cathy then turns to her mother and daughter and says: “You inspire me.”

Club W Memberships help support the mission and programs of the YWCA! We’re currently offering a special offer for new members: Now through March 1, 2015 – new Club W members have no enrollment fee, no annual contract, a free health assessment, and a $20 YW gift card that may be applied towards membership, personal training, gear, and more.

For current Club W Members, consider becoming a Club W Role Model. For every new member you refer who joins Club W, we will give you a $15 YWCA gift certificate, which can be applied towards gear, personal training, membership dues, locker rentals, swim lessons, drop-in day care, guest passes, or a donation to a YW program of choice. The referred member can try us out using a free 7-day pass available at Guest Services, and may join up until March 1, 2015 with no enrollment fee, no contract, a $20 YW gift card, and a 30 minute personal training assessment.

Learn more about the YWCA’s Club W Health & Fitness Center at www.ywcaofasheville.org/clubw

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  1. Beth Maczka January 20, 2015 at 4:13 pm #

    Love it!

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