Advocate to Make Quality Child Care Accessible to Working Families!

23 Apr
Is making sure our children are in quality, safe child care important to you? Then become an advocate!IMG_4832

The recent changes in the child care subsidy eligibility for families will impact over 12,000 school age children in NC.

IMG_4814Our legislators need to hear from us today. Pick up the phone and make your voice heard!  Talking to an elected official may seem intimidating, but they want to know what you think and how they can help. Please use the script below as a guide and make your calls as soon as possible.

Staff will most likely answer the phone and ask for your name and where you live.
When calling Senator Hise, acknowledge you are calling because he serves on the Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee


Hi, my name is ___________. I live in Western North Carolina.
Please make the eligibility guidelines the same for families with school age children as with young children. Also, bring back sliding scale co-payments for children in part-time care.
IF APPLICABLE: My family relies on vouchers to provide affordable, safe, high quality care for my children while I work.
Without my voucher I would [fill in what might happen if you didn’t have your voucher, for ex: reduce work hours, place your child in a less desirable care arrangement, quit your job, stop paying other bills/or fill in with what has happened since you lost your voucher.]
Thank you for your consideration.

Senator Ralph Hise:  (919) 733-3460
Representative Josh Dobson:  (919) 733-5862

Other ways you can advocate:IMG_4828

  • Become an advocate on the child care subsidy program and invite your friends, congregants, parents & students to send a message to the NC Legislature using the tools provided in Children First/ Communities In Schools’ Child Care Subsidy Advocacy Toolkit.
  • Sign this Petition: The cost of quality care and learning centers can be $7,000 – $10,000 per year for a child. The child care subsidy helps low-income, working parents meet that expense. By using the subsidy program, children are in safe, quality settings that low income parents otherwise find impossible to afford. Advocate for the restoration of eligibility for all families making up to 200% of Federal Poverty Line.

Here are quotes from some of the families at the YW who will be impacted:

IMG_4842“I am a hard working mother who has had vouchers since my oldest was born and I have been able to work my way up. [With] my vouchers being taken away, I could go backwards. This choice of the legislature is going to have more families in poverty, and more children could be neglected because they might be left at home or somewhere where it is not safe.”  – Jasmine, Medical Industry

“[My daughter] and I had increased housing costs and health care costs, and a number of other financial expenditures that are a burden as the only income earner in our family. In January when I do lose my subsidy I will need to take on more work, or find another job, or begin sending [my daughter] home as a ‘latch key kid’ at 8 years old.”  – Elena, Outpatient Mental Health

“I am a full-time working single mother. It is a constant struggle just to pay regular every day bills. With the increase to paying the full amount for child care it will be almost impossible [to meet expenses]. If there is nothing that can be done I will regretfully have to withdraw my three children from the [YWCA afterschool] program. Withdrawing my children will result in them not getting the proper afterschool homework help or getting good activities and exercise.” – Hope, Hotel IndustryIMG_4822

Since October, the YWCA has kept families in the program by subsidizing 75% of their rate increases.  We cannot continue doing this without help. Please consider making a gift today to help us keep families working and children learning and growing.   Thank you.

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