Free Your Mind, Free Your Soul (Nurture Your Body!) at Club W

23 Apr

Claudiette Walker & Ta Tanisha M Robinsons’ Stories
By Tarek Sadeq, Fitness Associate

YW Club W members Claudiette Walker and Ta Tanisha Robinson are from Greensboro (NC) and Youngstown (OH), respectively. They are lifelong friends and enjoy coming to Club W to work out together for “accountability,” and also because they have more fun that way.Claudiette & Ta

After Claudiette and Ta graduated from NC A&T State University in Greensboro, they reconnected after they both eventually made the move to Asheville. Claudiette works with a local call center, while Ta works as a senior buyer.

The two friends agree that the “environment at Club W is particularly non-judgmental, and very relaxing.”  It’s not like other gyms, which can often feel exclusive. Here, there is a great sense of community and friendliness unlike anywhere else in Asheville.

The YWCA mission statement of eliminating racism and empowering women feels relevant, too. Claudiette and Ta commented, “The empowerment piece is definitely here.” Both women feel aware of it when walking through the front doors.

This dynamic duo feels that exercise is a vital part of living a fulfilled and healthy life, and the key to “feeling good.”

“Exercise at Club W serves to free your mind, and free your soul,” says Claudiette. “That is why we come here.”

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