Spotlight on: Wendy Bell, Club W Member

11 Nov

Joshua McClure, Club W Coordinator, recently spoke with Wendy Bell about her background, what motivates her, and what she likes about the YWCA and Club W.Wendy Bell

Josh: Are you from Asheville?
Wendy: My husband and I moved here in 1964 from Louisville, Kentucky, due to his job. My husband worked for USFS (United States Forest Services).

Josh: What great things do you have going in your life?
Wendy: My husband and I have been married for 52 years. I would also like to say I am 75 and in great health; I think that is pretty great. I enjoy my volunteer work that I do, with a pre-school outreach program, Song of Sky- chorus program,  and Meals On Wheels.

Josh: Can you tell me one thing that is a success for you in your life?
Wendy: I was a high school and ESL teacher with Buncombe County Schools. I loved the years that I worked doing this, and feel like this was a success for me.  I also would like to think that I am a committed workout woman!

Josh: What motivated you to start working out?
Wendy: When I retired in 2001 my weight started creeping up and I didn’t have a regular workout routine. I just took mostly cardio classes and did daily walks. This is typical for women with osteoporosis; you need to add weights to your workout.  When Curves came to North Asheville I didn’t have an excuse not to workout. I stuck with Curves for 10 years, until they closed down. The YW is more intensive; there is more variety here at the YW and more equipment and classes that you can choose from.

Josh: What do you like best about YWCA?
Wendy: I like the strength-training workouts designed here at the YWCA.  I really feel like I am getting stronger. As always, the staff are super helpful. The YWCA is also a convenient and well equipped facility.

Back in 2012 I had a slight stroke and my left side was slightly compromised, and I could feel it was weak.  I have noticed more in the YW workout that I am doing that my left side is developing. The weights/workouts that David [Fitness Associate] started me on are making my left side more equal to my right side. This definitely has to do with the YW and working out. My left side is stronger and my balance is better. I was going out my front door and I caught my foot on the edge of the mat and I could feel I was in danger. I tightened up my core and saved myself from the fall. I have gained strength, and I would have not been able to do this without the YW.

Josh: What is one thing that people don’t know about you that you would like to share?
Wendy: I am very shy!

Josh: What advice would you give to people who have questions about the YWCA?
Wendy: Go and try the YW for yourself and you will be sold!

Learn more about Club W Health & Fitness Center at Through-out the month of November, join us for free Workout Wednesdays – you can come in and use the gym, pool, or take a class for free. 

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