Club W, Volunteer & Donor Spotlight: Peggy Weaver

7 Dec


Peggy Weaver

Peggy Weaver in the YWCA’s Laurey Masterton Memorial Garden

Peggy Weaver grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, where her father was a university administrator. While Peggy describes her upbringing as privileged, she stresses that “we were taught around the dinner table and in church what was going on in the civil rights movement.” She also notes the important role of the black women who worked in her family’s household while she was a child. “I came to know these women well, and knew that the hopes and dreams they had for their families were the same as ours, but for some reason our society didn’t provide for them the way it did for us.”

In 1991, Peggy’s family moved to Asheville. Peggy’s daughters attended the after school program at the YWCA during this time.

In January, 2011 Peggy retired from her job as librarian at Asheville High. She says: “Joining the YWCA’s Club W was a no brainer. Of course the fitness programs are good for me, but the bonus at the YWCA is that I get to work out next to someone who doesn’t look like me. I love Club W because I can look across the gym or the parking lot and seeing people different from me – all sizes, shapes, colors, ages. I believe to be fully human you have to make it a point to encounter people not just like you. It broadens your whole view of your life.”

Peggy started attending to Tai Chi class every week, and joined the regular after-class gathering at Laurey’s café. They were at Laurey’s the morning that Laurey Masterton passed away after a her long battle with cancer. There was an outpouring of remembrances for Laurey in the community, and Peggy remembers reading a quote from Laurey’s sister Heather, who said that Laurey’s legacy was that she would want you to do something hard for you. Peggy says, “that’s when I thought: ‘I need to volunteer at the YWCA. I felt called to say ‘I’ll help,’ even though it’s not easy for me as an introvert and a home-body.” Peggy works closely every week with members of the YWCA’s Advancement Team – editing grant proposals, filing media clippings, stuffing envelopes – whatever needs to be done. “I’m here to serve this incredible YWCA in my little way, but it.   It gives me great pleasure to be affiliated with a force for what’s good and right in this crazy world we live in.”

In November, 2014 – after coming on an Empower Hour tour – Peggy attended the YWCA’s first Persimmon Luncheon, and made a generous pledge of financial support.

She says: “I choose to support the YWCA financially because its mission of eliminating racism and empowering women resonates with chords that are so deep in me that go back to my childhood. And I see results. I feel that my contributions to the YWCA, small though they are, make a big difference in the sustainability of the programs here. I love knowing that the programs I support help improve the lives of people who live in my own community.”

To learn more about volunteering at the YWCA, contact Gerry Leonard at or call 828-254-7206 x. 219.

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