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YWCA Awarded SNAP ED Grant – Helping Us Make Even More Rainbows!

30 Nov

058Since 2012 the YWCA has provided healthy meals and snacks from our Rainbow in My Tummy Program for our children in our Child Care, After School, and Drop-In Child Care. Rainbow in My Tummy was created by the Verner Early Learning Center and is a way to help child care centers feed their children healthfully while still adhering to government guidelines. We stick to whole grains, mostly fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins, and low fat dairy. Almost all of the food that comes out of our kitchen is made from scratch by our stellar kitchen staff every day. Read “A Day in the Life of the Rainbow In My Tummy Kitchen” here.

084Now, we’re proud to announce that we will be running SNAP Ed programming starting this fall, making us the first implementing agency in Western North Carolina! SNAP Ed is a grant designed to get Nutrition and Physical Activity education to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) recipients, as well as the general public.

As part of SNAP Ed our Nutrition Coordinator, Alex Mitchell, will run Color Me Healthy, a nutrition and physical activity curriculum, with our 3-5 year old Child Care students.  Summer Camp students will get to participate in a physical activity curriculum and participate in regular food and nutrition activities as well.  We will also hold events for our parents to learn how to make good nutrition and physical activity choices at home.060

“Nutrition and physical activity education is so important to start early, and SNAP Ed funds will give us the chance to provide these lessons,” says Alex. “I’m personally excited to get to interact with our kids and families more, and to teach information that they will then take out of the YW and into their homes and communities.”

Do you have an idea for what we should call this “snappy” new work at the YW? Email your suggestions to marketing@ywcaofasheville.org!

Beth Maczka Talks with Katie Christie, the YW’s School Age Director

26 May

Beth Maczka, YWCA of Asheville CEO, recently sat down with Katie Christie, the YW’s School Age Director. 

Katie Christie (left) and Beth Maczka (right)

Katie Christie (left) and Beth Maczka (right)

Beth: Tell me a little bit about your background.

Katie: I moved to Asheville from Miami. I grew up in the arts, always dancing and singing. My father is a doctor who wishes he could be a musician! I grew up seeing shows, and got the bug early on. When I was a senior in high school in 1988 I traveled for a month to the then Soviet Union as part of an arts exchange program. That’s when I realized that I could take my art and do something valuable in the world. I founded a nonprofit called Voices United, and did that work for the past 25 years.

Beth: What made you interested in working at the YWCA?

A group of children from the School Age program watching their peers perform dances from across different cultures.

A group of children from the School Age program watching their peers perform dances from across different cultures.

Katie: The mission made me excited – it’s very bold and strong. I love the idea that YWCAs around the world are working towards eliminating racism and empowering women. It’s important to me to feel that I’m working at a place where change is happening, and change is happening right here in this building.

I love working with young people – I’ve been doing it my whole life. I didn’t plan on being an educator, but I have a huge passion for it. It helps me feel hopeful about the world. If you’re interacting with young people you see there’s more in the future than we can imagine.

Katie Christie talks to a group of visitors in our outdoor classroom about the importance of state child care subsidies.

Katie Christie talks to a group of visitors in our outdoor classroom about the importance of state child care subsidies.

Beth: What do you think makes the School Age program unique?

Katie: There’s a really great mix of kids in our program, which is really important and directly supports our mission. We also have a great team of people working with the kids who are enriching the lives of the kids and finding innovative ways of doing that. We’re able to move through the community, pick children up, and take them to different opportunities around town.

All that goes into the YW is also trickling down into the school age program and that sets it apart, because all this other work is going on around them the program then strives to meet the goals of the mission. This is about the kids in the community and how they can see their role in the world as they grow up.

Beth: What are you most looking forward to in the coming year?

Katie: In the School Age program we have a really great core of people and programming, and lots of potential for it to be even more outstanding – the kind of place that people are hearing about and talking about. It’s exciting to think about how to get that done.

Ringling Circus’s Ambassador of Laughter

1 Apr

Our School-Age program received a visit from Ringling Circus and had an amazing time – check out the smiles on those faces! We can’t wait until the full circus comes through town in May. View more fun & joyful photos here.

Ringling Brothers 028 Ringling Brothers 009 Ringling Brothers 039Ringling Brothers 004


Happy Body – Kids’ Yoga

30 Jan

child care yoga 022
Kids in the YWCA Child Care Center and After School program have had the pleasure of taking weekly yoga classes, thanks to Happy Body, a Pilates, Yoga and Bodywork studio in south Asheville. Instructor Jaime Moshe provides these classes to our participants free of charge as part of the Happy Body Outreach program.  As the Happy Body website explains, “We are dedicated to helping those who might not otherwise find movement in their lives through the Happy Body Outreach Program. We invite everyone to help us by invoking the mantra: Care for yourself. Care for your community. Through special events and community partnerships, there is ample opportunity to foster a rich, supportive environment for all.”

We are grateful to Happy Body for providing the opportunity for YWCA children to be exposed to child care yoga 037yet another way to enjoy physical activity and fitness. child care yoga 029

Warren Wilson Owls basketball team visits the YWCA After School

11 Jan
wwc and afterschool basketball 096
This week the kids in the YWCA After School’s Groups 4 and 5 were treated to their own mini basketball camp thanks to the Warren Wilson basketball team. They dribbled, practiced ball handling and defensive moves, worked together as a team and smiled from ear to ear!

Go Warren Wilson Owls basketball team! You made our kids’ day and were wonderful role models showing that hard work and good grades pay off! Thank you!
wwc and afterschool basketball 079

Employee Spotlight: Patricia Tenant

17 Dec

8204141868_63203455d9_bAfter 18 years, YWCA School Age counselor Patricia Tenant says that the people she works with at the YWCA “are like my second family.” Tenant started in her position in September of 1996, making her the employee with the most seniority at the YWCA of Asheville.

Most of her time at the YWCA  has been spent working with the Kindergartners. “I love working with the ‘babies,’ I like the challenge of helping them adjust,” says Tenant. “They are new to school and can be intimidated, but after a short time it’s great to see them get more comfortable and start to enjoy themselves.” She also likes “working as a team with the parents” to help their children excel. Two of her favorite aspects of the program are watching the kids in her group learn to swim, and participating in community service projects.

When asked what she thinks of how the YWCA has changed over the past 18 years, Tenant exclaims, ” I’ve seen BIG improvements!” One thing she cites is the YWCA School Age program becoming a 5 Star program. Her enthusiasm for her work radiates as she talks about the YWCA’s successes.

We are grateful to Patricia Tenant for her almost two decades of serving the children and families of the YWCA School Age program.

photo by sandra stambaugh

Parties at ZaPow to Support Our After School Program

6 Dec

Have fun and support YWCA After School this Saturday!

When: Saturday, December 8th

Where: ZaPow! Gallery , 21 Battery Park Ave.

Two parties:

Cookie Decorating Party for Kids
Hosted by Spellbound Books
1 pm to 3 pm
Bring cash, a book or art supplies to donate.

Art Party with Music by LYRIC
7 pm to 9 pm
ZaPow! will be donating 10% of sales to the YWCA After School.  They will also be collecting cash donations, books and art supplies. Things like crayons, drawing paper, markers, water color paint, water color paper, non toxic tempera paint, glitter, glue sticks, and anything else that you can find at your favorite art or craft supply store.

Many thanks to ZaPow! for organizing these events.

For more information, call (828) 575-2024 or email info@zapow.com.