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YWCA of Asheville Summer Camp Children Respond to Charleston

13 Jul

Our YWCA Summer Camp kids sang a song in response to the tragedy in Charleston.

Video by Katie Christie, School Age Director. Song written & produced by Rickey Payton & Voices United.

“Black is beautiful when you understand
It’s not the color of your skin, a woman child or man
White is beautiful together we are free
We are one we are family”

FutureVision at LEAF

6 Apr

Here is a video of YWCA FutureVision participants and staff performing with Boukman Eksperyans at the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF) last Fall. Students were able to learn from and perform with Boukman Eksperyans thanks to the LEAF in Schools & Streets program.

Old-Time and Gardening

17 Feb

This week YWCA Gardener Leigh Hilliard brought local old-time musicians in to our After-School. The musicians shared the connections between old-time music, farming and Black History. They sang songs about vegetables and farm animals, and played an African Akonting to show the roots of the banjo. Kids and counselors clapped along and danced. As one child exclaimed after a tune, “That’s GOOD music!” We are thankful for the musicians who took the time to share with our children.

When she’s not playing banjo, Leigh is hard at work, getting our Organic Children’s Garden ready for spring. She is looking for donations of the following items if you can help out: green house plastic, row cover fabric, fence material, fence material, pvc piping, lumber, tools, potting soil – really anything garden related. Thank you in advance!

Here are a couple of photos and a video collage:

FutureVision Performs at LEAF

26 Oct

Thanks to YWCA FutureVision AmeriCorps member Rebecca Harmon for this wonderful report and beautiful photos from LEAF:

I have had the pleasure of working with LEAF (Lake Eden Arts Festival) Schools & Streets artists now for the 3rd time since I have been in AmeriCorps and with YWCA FutureVision. Each time our kids have participated in the workshop with an artist for 3 days prior to the festival, and then they perform at LEAF, on stage in front of tons of smiling faces.

This year, by far, was the largest fan turnout. Partly being that the group, Boukman Eksperyans (the main LSS band from Haiti) is extremely popular and our kids, YWCA FutureVision Middle and High School, are also extremely popular. The workshop gave us an insight into the hype of this band and into the hype of their mission. The Boukmans worldly high-energy sound, fusing traditional Haitian and Caribbean rhythms with rock and reggae, encouraged the fan-filled crowd to do nothing but boogie down to music our kids were making.

With proud eyes and boosted egos, our girls danced and jived all over that stage to chants and cheers of onlookers. Our drummers looked to the band members such as Bwa Gris, Lolo, Natacha, and Paul for guidance through their sets as they shook the stage with beats.

As wet-eyed counselors exchanged glances through the soul-shaking experience, our vision in that instant was clear. These beautiful teens onstage were, in that moment, a testimony to what our program does for kids and what leaders are capable of. We motivate and we set examples; we teach values and ethics. We get bogged down in the day to day, then we get to see our children succeed and flourish in a life-changing experience with incredible people who have traveled the world in search of this moment and then we all come to the realization: they are amazing.

If you would like to make a contribution to support the YWCA FutureVision program for middle and high school teens, please click here.

Singing at Bele Chere

26 Jul

Last Friday, the YWCA Children’s Choir performed at Bele Chere. The group sang original numbers by YWCA Counselor/Choir Director Carluse Baird, as well as a couple of well-known songs such as “This Land is Your Land.” All of their practice over the summer paid off – the Choir was well received and they had a great time! Here are a couple of short videos from the show. YWCA Summer Camp is winding down, but the Choir will continue throughout the school year in our K-6 After-School Program.

Veggies and Music!

26 Mar

From CiCi Weston, YWCA School-age Programs Director:

In March, the YWCA ‘s After-School monthly theme presentation focused on a veggie tasting and music history. Each group was assigned a continent (some chose a country within the continent) to study. Over the month, they studied the music and the vegetables that are prevalent in their chosen continent or country. Then on Wednesday they presented the music through song or dance and gave a brief description of the veggies they had prepared. At the end of the presentations each group had a table with their vegetables for others to taste.

Here are a few photos from the presentations: